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from the Greek, ‘ecdemos’, meaning ’away from home’.

from the Greek, ‘ecdemos’, meaning ’away from home’.

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Whoop there it is

Remember kids, if someone speaks funny in a language it’s probably because they know more than one language… and if you were going to make fun of them you probably only know one. 

“Do you know how smart I am in Spanish?” That’s mad real. People really think that people who aren’t super fluent in their second language are less than intelligent. Simple ass mindset.

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  • Open when you need to know how much I love you
  • Open when you’re mad at me
  • Open when you miss me
  • Open when you’re lonely
  • Open when you’re happy
  • Open when you’ve had a long day
  • Open when you’ve had a bad day
  • Open when you’re sick
  • Open when you’ve left me after visiting
  • Open when you can’t sleep
  • Open when you’re horny
  • Open when you’re imagining our future
  • Open when we can’t communicate with each other
  • Open when you need a reminder of all the things I love about you
  • Open when you need motivation/encouragement.
  • Open when you need to laugh.
  • Open when you’re bored.
  • Open when we’re fighting (and it’s your fault)
  • Open when we’re fighting (and it’s my fault)
  • Open when you need a kiss
  • Open when you wanna hear me ROAR!!!!
I think this is a rather cutie idea for a long distance relationship or any relationship really.
I think this is really good idea
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